2021 BSAR search and rescue training at Lyonville, May 15-16

Forty two BSAR volunteers attended a search and training weekend at Lyonville. We used the Lyonville Public Hall as a base and we received some great support from the local community.

Everyone was very keen and motivated to get out in the bush after the restrictions encountered during 2020 when we unable to hold any training in the field.

Two Police Search and Rescue Squad Officers provided us with briefings on search organisation and police radios and supported our training.

Our activities on Saturday included GPS and radio exercises, feature and line search techniques in the bush and GPS navigation at night. 

On Sunday three simulated searches were conducted in the bush to provide members with opportunities to put theory into practice across a variety of search and rescue roles and activities.

The training concluded with the dramatic use of orange smoke flares that are used to highlight the location of a missing person and wind direction to a helicopter.

We thank Police Search and Rescue for their support and radio equipment for this training and the Police Transport Branch for providing us with transport.

Thank you to Lachlan Shield, the planning group, instructors and all attendees for a well attended and busy training weekend.

BSAR currently has 270 members trained and available for call-out.

Last Updated on October 24, 2022