Search for missing person near Mt Donna Buang


15:00 Sat 28 Nov 2020. Seven BSAR searchers departed Melbourne to join the search for a missing person near Mt Donna Buang.

Sun 29 Nov 2020. Three more BSAR searchers joined the search in heavy bush areas near Mt Donna Buang. Leeches were a problem.

Mon 30 Nov 2020. Ten more BSAR members joined the search. All BSAR members returned to Melbourne late in the afternoon. The search will continue.

Search for missing person near Mt Disappointment


8:00 pm Mon 8 June. Call-out for BSAR members for a search near Mt Disappointment.

Tue 9 June

24 BSAR members searched all day and camped out overnight at search base near Mt Disappointment. The bush was think with regrowth from bushfires.

There were over 450 searchers from several different emergency services and numerous community volunteer searchers.

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