Bush Search and Rescue Victoria is a dedicated volunteer search and rescue group active in the state of Victoria, Australia and is a division of Bushwalking Victoria Inc.

Bush Search and Rescue participates in land-based search and rescue activities for persons lost in bush and alpine areas under the direction of the Victoria Police Search and Rescue Squad.

BSAR searchers climbing Eskdale (Heraldsun)

The group was formed in 1949 when several volunteer bushwalkers were involved in an extended search at Wilson’s Promontory.

Bush Search and Rescue has assisted Police with search and rescue for over seventy years as a community service.

Over 200 volunteer members are available for call-out to search for lost people missing in bushland areas or snowfields. All our searchers are highly experienced bushwalkers/cross country skiers who have had specialist training in search and rescue. They are capable of operating independently in the field, for several days if necessary.

Bush Search and Rescue volunteers are often asked to participate in searches at short notice, in adverse weather conditions and in rough and extreme terrain. Bush Search and Rescue has the ability to send out small, self-sufficient search groups that can navigate accurately without landmarks and stay out overnight.

Bushwalkers, ski tourers and other outdoors people, experienced and comfortable in a bush environment, are always needed for this role.

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