Missing woman found at Lake Mountain, July 2010

12 July 2010. BSAR searchers left Melbourne early morning to assist in the search for a 48 year old woman missing overnight at Lake Mountain. Snow cover was patchy.

BSAR searchers were deployed shortly after arrival to search the heads of Koala Creek.

The woman was found safe and well later in the morning.

She had remained active during the night and searchers from the Victoria Police had found her tracks. Police continued to follow tracks until they established voice contact.

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Steep snow and ice dryland training day, July 2010

Bush Search and Rescue members with steep snow and ice skills attended a “dryland” training day in Melbourne to learn some theory and practice steep snow and ice skills including using avalanche transceivers (in South Surrey Park), roping techniques, equipment review and stretcher rigging and hauling using a z-pulley system. Participants were also trained on our latest radio technology.

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