Training Weekend in Korweinguboora, May 2014

Forty-six BSAR members and potential members took part in BSAR’s annual training weekend held last May at Korweinguboora on the edge of the Wombat Forest.  12 clubs were represented plus a good number of BWV individual members.
The footy pavilion in the recreation reserve at Korweinguboora on the Ballan Daylesford road was an excellent base for the weekend, especially given the cool and showery conditions; “typical search weather”.  Members had arrived at Green St Northcote early Saturday morning as they would for a search callout, and on arrival at the “command post” at Korweinguboora immediately prepared for a search in the nearby Wombat State Forest. Given the numbers, three search exercises were conducted simultaneously, each incorporating feature search, line search, patient management and a stretcher carry evacuation.

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BSAR call-out to South Viking missing hiker, March 2014

Saturday 22/03/2014. Bush Search and Rescue was called out for an early departure from Melbourne to assist in the search for a missing person near the South Viking in the Alpine National Park.

Sunday 23/03/2014. Missing woman located by the police helicopter on Sunday morning and winched to safety.

BSAR team at search conclusion

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