Missing person found near Tyers Junction in Gippsland

Call-outSun 22 Oct 2017 06:00.  25 BSAR searchers joined a search for a missing woman near Tyers Junction in Gippsland.  The missing woman was found by a DELWP vehicle involved in the search and brought to the search base at Caringal Scout Camp.  She was in good health but hungry after a night out in the bush.

Search debrief at Caringal

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Search for missing person near Sugarloaf Reservoir

Call-outMon 9  Oct.  BSAR were called out for search for a missing person near Sugarloaf Reservoir.

Tue  10 – Thu  12 Oct  BSAR searchers contributed over 35 person-days to the search.   The missing person has not been found.   BSAR involvement has now concluded.

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