BSAR Training and Member Events

BSAR provides search and rescue training (annual), steep snow and ice training (annual) and training for first aid and other specialist topics as required.

BSAR members can get one voucher per year to attend a VRA Rogaine [details]

TBC 2023. BSAR Main training

TBC 2023. BSAR Steep Snow and Ice training

TBC 2023. BSAR Ski Skills training

TBC 2023. BSAR members’ night, 6:00pm, Elgin Inn Hotel, Hawthorn

TBC 2023. First Aid training

Committee meetings for 2023

  • 6:30pm Mon 6 February,  MCH Centre, East Melbourne
  • 6:30pm Mon 3 April,  MCH Centre, East Melbourne
  • 6:30pm Mon 5 June,  MCH Centre, East Melbourne
  • 6:30pm Mon 7 August,  MCH Centre, East Melbourne
  • 6:30pm Mon 2 October,  MCH Centre, East Melbourne
  • 6:00pm Mon 20 November, Police SAR, Williamstown

BSAR committee comprises Club Delegates, Police Liaison Officers, Field Organisers, Secretary. BSAR members are also welcome to attend any of these meetings.

MCH Centre: East Melbourne Powlett Reserve, cnr Grey and Simpson Streets

Police SAR: Victoria Police SAR, 100 Nelson Place Williamstown

BSAR Committee meeting 2015
BSAR Committee meeting 2015

Last Updated on November 11, 2022