Search for missing person on Mount Bogong

Call-outFri 15 Sep 2017. 18:05  A search call-out was issued for a missing person on Mount Bogong.  A North-East BSAR team of three ascended Staircase spur during the night.

Sat 16 Sep 2017.

  • Sixteen BSAR searchers departed from Melbourne by bus at 2 a.m and met another two North East members at search base at Mount Beauty Police Station.
  • Six BSAR teams and Police SAR members ascended Mount Bogong, searched all day then camped out overnight in tents and huts.  Conditions on ridges and slopes were icy. There were concerns about avalanche hazard due to recent snowfall and wind.
2017 Bogong search - searching on skis

Sun 17 Sep 2017.   Searching commenced at 7 a.m in good weather.

  • A team on snowshoes searched down to and around Howmans Falls south of Cleve Cole hut.
  • Another team on snowshoes searched along the ridge to the West Peak
  • A specialist Steep Snow and Ice team searched gullies close to Eskdale Spur
  • Three specialist Steep Snow and Ice teams searched ridge lines descending east from Tadgell Point.  One of these teams located the missing person deceased at around 9 a.m.
  • A Police Air Wing helicopter retrieved the missing person
  • BSAR teams and Police SAR descended Eskdale Spur and were transported back to Mount Beauty by Police and SES 4WD vehicles.
  • BSAR members from Melbourne returned in the afternoon.
Four BSAR teams and Police SAR at Michell Hut
Four BSAR teams and Police SAR at Michell Hut

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