Search for missing person near Kancoona

Call-outSun 10 Sep 2017. 2100  A search call-out was issued for North East Victoria.
 Mon 11 Sep 2017.  Nine members departed Melbourne at 3:30am and four members attended from the North East.
The missing person was located in the early afternoon safe and well, and walked out the BSAR and Police search teams.
BSAR thanks locals Brendan O’Leary and Catherine Upcher for their support during this search.

BSAR also thanks Police Transport Branch and the SES for providing transport and Dederang CFA for their use of their facility.

BSAR Kancoona search
Two BSAR search teams on Faheys Lane with search area in background
BSAR Kancoona search
BSAR searchers with Catherine Upcher whose home provided a “Field Base”
Kancoona search area
Kancoona search area

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