Sabine Falls Search, April 2007

Sixteen BSAR members responded to the search for a Scottish tourist, William Bliss, 19, who become lost in the Sabine Falls area north of Apollo Bay in the Otway Ranges. He became lost on the afternoon of Tuesday April 3, 2007.

A search of more than 40 Police, SES, Parks and other volunteers was organised on the Wednesday. As he was not found during that day BSAR was placed on standby and a called out initiated later in the evening ready for a 0430 transport to the search area on the Thursday morning.

Upon arrival five three-person BSAR groups were tasked to search rough terrain along Smythe Ck approximately 4.5km south of the PLS. Groups were transported to their search areas by 4WD.

The lost person was found within 30mins of the BSAR deployment into the field. Groups were recalled and, after “lunch” at 1030hrs and an operational debrief, the BSAR Team arrived back in Melbourne at 1530hrs.

Rik Head, FO

Last Updated on February 17, 2021