BSAR call-out for missing snowboarders on Mount Bogong

Sunday 13/07/14, 08:30. A general search call-out for Bush Seach and Rescue was issued for snowboarders missing on Mount Bogong.   A local call-out for North East BSAR searchers was also issued at this time.  Three Birkie BSAR members commenced searching on Sunday morning on Eskdale Spur.

Searchers from Melbourne with skis, snowshoes and steep snow and ice equipment departed at 11:00 and climbed Eskdale Spur to Michell Hut.

Monday 14/7/14, 18:30. After two days searching, all BSAR searchers were airlifted from Eskdale Spur to Mount Beauty then returned home.

Tuesday 15/7/14,  Eight Birkie BSAR members responded to a further request to assist Police in the field. All returned to Mt Beauty by 9.30pm, with all SAR personnel off Mt Bogong.


Police Search and Rescue and BSAR searchers preparing at Michell Hut

Search and rescue on Mount Bogong for two missing skiers

Saturday 5/7/2014: 18:30.  A local search call-out for Bush Search and Rescue was issued for Mount Bogong for missing skiers enroute to Cleve Cole Hut.
20:00 5/7/2014:   Five Birkie (BNSC) BSAR members and one Ambulance Officer assembled at Mt Beauty Police Station then commenced walking up Staircase Spur.

Sunday 6/7/2014 00:20. A general search call-out for Bush Search and Rescue was issued. 

03:45 6/7/14:  Missing persons were located near the top of the Staircase Spur by the Birkie BSAR team.  Camp was established and first aid provided,
09:42 6/7/14: Additional BSAR members (from Melbourne) join rescue party to ascend Staircase spur to evacuate two skiers,
19:24 6/7/14: All BSAR members and other searchers, as well as both patients are now safely off the mountain.
Campsite, Staircase spur.  Photo: Bob Flower

TRAINING ADVICE: 2014 BSAR Steep Snow and Ice at The Razorback

FOR: BSAR members with Steep Snow and Ice rating, and those seeking it.

There are two related Steep Snow and Ice training events this year:

31 Aug 2014. Williamstown, Dryland training day covering stretcher, z- pulley, avalanche transceiver theory and some exercises, which is a pre-requisite for the on snow component.

5,6,7 Sep 2014. The Razorback, Steep snow and ice rescue skills in alpine environment, snow cave making, route selection, steep terrain travel and basic avalanche assessment.

Who should attend?

  • BSAR members with SSI rating "T" (technical) or "C" (competent).
  • Full BSAR members interested in acquiring SSI rating.

BSAR Field Organiser Peter Briggs on a different type of search - for submarine AE2

Peter Briggs

BSAR Field Organiser and Retired Rear Admiral Peter Briggs is leading a team of Australians on a different type of search - a mission to preserve the WW1 submarine AE2 as part of the Silent Anzac Project.

Peter previously led a dive survey in October 2007 that found the 99-year-old submarine to be in "remarkably good shape".
HMAS Ae2 submarine
HMAS AE2 in Sydney, circa 1914. Source: Australian War Memorial
The well-preserved submarine was sunk by Ottoman gunfire off the Turkish coast in 1915.  HMAS AE2 was an E-class submarine of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and was the first Allied submarine to penetrate the Dardanelles strait in a bid to secure the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Behind the Log BSAR newletter May 2014 edition out now

The May 2014 edition of Behind The Log, Bush Search and Rescue's regular newsletter, is now published and can be downloaded from [here] (pdf). 

Articles include:
  • South Viking Call-out, 23 March 2014
  • Welcome to New BSAR Members
  • BSAR Training Weekend, 3-4 May 2014
  • BSAR 2013-14 Annual Report
  • Preliminary Training Advice Steep Snow and Ice

Training Weekend in Korweinguboora, May 2014

Forty-six BSAR members and potential members took part in BSAR’s annual training weekend held last May at Korweinguboora on the edge of the Wombat Forest.  12 clubs were represented plus a good number of BWV individual members.
The footy pavilion in the recreation reserve at Korweinguboora on the Ballan Daylesford road was an excellent base for the weekend, especially given the cool and showery conditions; “typical search weather”.  Members had arrived at Green St Northcote early Saturday morning as they would for a search callout, and on arrival at the “command post” at Korweinguboora immediately prepared for a search in the nearby Wombat State Forest. Given the numbers, three search exercises were conducted simultaneously, each incorporating feature search, line search, patient management and a stretcher carry evacuation.

BSAR call-out to South Viking missing hiker

Saturday 22/03/2014 4pm. Bush Seach and Rescue was called out for a 4am departure from Melbourne to assist Police Search and Rescue searching for a missing person in the South Viking region of the Alpine National Park.  

Sunday 23/3 1.01pm. Missing woman located by the police helicopter at 10:00am on Sunday and winched to safety.

BSAR team at search conclusion
BSAR team at search conclusion

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David Reid awarded OAM for services to bushwalking


David Reid OAM

David Reid, Past President and Board Member of Bushwalking Victoria, was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the 2014 Australia Day honours for services to bushwalking.

This award is recognition of many years of dedicated advocacy and service on behalf of all bushwalkers.

David was also President of Bushwalking Australia from 2010 to 2012 and supported the formation of the organisation in 2006.   David was a strong supporter of Bush Search and Rescue Victoria.


ICE your mobile phone for emergencies

Here is a simple informal protocol you can use with your mobile phone or tablet to assist communication with your next of kin during an emergency situation.

If you are in an emergency situation and not conscious, first responders may access your mobile phone.

If your phone is unlocked, they may check its address list for an "ICE" contact to get information about you and who they should contact.

VicEmergency - emergency warnings for fire, flood, storms, power outages and other incidents

VicEmergency is a single all-emergencies website for Victorians.
VicEmergency is Victoria's primary website for emergency warnings for fire and flood and provides a single source of information and advice to help people prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.
The site has a real-time Google Map display with emergency events including fires, floods, storms, power outages, hazardous material incidents and traffic incidents. It also includes important planning and recovery information on fire and flood.
VicEmergency website for Victorian emergency information
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