Safety – bush and alpine

Here are some things you can do to minimise the risk of getting lost in the bush, and staying safe if you do get lost.

  1. Review Snowsafe and Walksafe (PDF) guidelines
  2. Complete a Trip Intentions form and leave it with a responsible person
  3. Carry a well-charged mobile phone with good reception
  4. Carry a Personal Locator Beacon or Spot tracking device and know how to it
  5. Carry navigation equipment (map, compass, GPS) and know how to use them
  6. Carry an emergency foil blanket and use it for shelter if necessary
  7. Carry waterproof matches, a cigarette light and some firelighters or solid stove fuel tablets
  8. If you do get lost, stay where you are, make a shelter to stay warm and dry, and raise the alarm
  9. If possible, stay close to a clearing where you are more likely to be sighted by aircraft
  10. Turn your phone off then on at scheduled intervals.  Use SMS in preference to voice

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Last Updated on February 17, 2021