Training Advice: Voucher offer for VRA rogaine events

BSAR has long encouraged members to participate in rogaines and many members do so regularly.

We now offer you a voucher to cover your entry fee for one rogaine per year.

Please note that you must receive the voucher before you enter the event.

The steps to take are:

  1. Choose a specific rogaine event from the Victorian Rogaining Association calendar
  2. Apply for a voucher [HERE] at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
  3. Wait for the email response from BSAR with instructions
  4. Enter the rogaine event on-line

Apply for the voucher at least 2 weeks prior to the rogaine to avoid late fees.

Why rogaine?

Rogaines are for extending your bush navigation skills.  They takes you away from the tracks and major features to minor knolls and subtle gullies that you would never visit on a normal bushwalk, and it makes you find them precisely.

You and your partner have the option of pushing yourselves to see how your navigation stands up when fatigued and under time pressure.  You can be bold and test yourselves with different route choices. You can choose events that include night hours to further develop your navigation skills.  This is all ideal experience for searching.

The fine print

  • Vouchers are for Victorian Rogaining Association bush events only – NOT Metrogaines or Cyclogaines.
  • One voucher per member per calendar year.
  • Vouchers are also available for prospective BSAR members.

Funding for this training was provided by the Department of Environment, Lands, Water and Planning.

Last Updated on November 10, 2023