Technical notes for members

The following technical notes are provided for searchers reference.  Some can be downloaded onto mobile devices for reference in the field or when offline.

Search equipment  – what to bring

Search call-outs  – how BSAR members are called out.

SPOT tracker SOS instructions (pdf) – explain the use of the police SPOT tracker to call for assistance if other communication options have failed for a BSAR search group.

Line Searching instructions (pdf)   – the BSAR method for line searching.

Off-track Bush Navigation Tips

BSAR- Garmin Oregon quickstart guide – standard BSAR profile now on all BSAR GPS units, so no adjustment to the settings is required.

Radio Quick Reference Notes (pdf)  – short and useful summary of radio procedures.   Added August 2009.

Searching for people with a psychiatric illness  Bush Search and Rescue is sometimes involved in searches for people with psychiatric or other medical conditions that can effect behaviour.

Sound/light searching – a quick and efficient method using whistle, voice and light to attract the attention of a responsive lost person at night and then listen or see a response from them. 

Steep snow and ice rescues – a specialist skill set within Bush Search and Rescue for members who have undertaken specific training and who have the appropriate equipment such as ice axe, crampons, helmet, rope and carabiners.

Missing Person Behaviour v1.0 (pdf)

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Last Updated on October 25, 2022