Steep snow and ice training 2012

Two events were held for Steep Snow and Ice training sessions this year; a dryland training day covering theory and some exercises at Williamstown on 22 July, followed by the steep snow and ice traiing in an alpine environment at Mount Buller on 28-29 July.

Dryland Training at  Police Search and Rescue – 22 July 2012

Theory and practice was provided for improvised sling harnesses,roping up with coils,assembing and rigging a Z-pulley system for stretcher hauling and avalanche transceiver and probe usage.

Steep Snow and Ice training at Mount Buller 28-29 July 2012

On Saturday we travelled to bluff near Bull Run and practiced a variety of self arrest techniques in during the morning.  After lunch we setup snow stake belays then a z-pulley system and escort rope connected to a stretcher, followed by hauling the stretcher up the slope.  The weather was damp, foggy and inclement.   It was a chilly night with the temperature dropping to -5C.

The first session on Sunday covered roping up then travelling roped with ice axe and crampons on the icy snow, followed by holding falls while roped.

The final session covered use of avalanche transcievers, probes and shovels to locate “buried victims”.

The Mount Buller Ski Patrol and Ski Lift Company provided us with great support by helping shuttle our gear and participants to and from the training location and the Mount Buller Resort Management provided the Police bus with access to the resort.

Thanks to the training organisers.

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