Search for missing walkers on Mount Buffalo

Sun 10 March:  Twelve BSAR volunteers were called out to a search for two missing walkers on Mount Buffalo.  Search tasks included walking tracks and prominent features.

Mon 11 March: An additional 22 BSAR volunteers joined the search.  The missing people were not located at the conclusion of the day.

Tue 12 March:  19 BSAR volunteers responded to a 3rd call-out and joined the search.  The missing people were located alive and well at around 11:30 am.  All BSAR members returned to Melbourne.

Our search tasks included easy walking tracks, large rock formations, alpine meadows, some peaks, scrubby gullies and rivers.

Three SARDA search dog teams with BSAR members

This was the first remote area bush search that SARDA search dogs have been used on.  The  three search teams were comprised of a search dog, the dog handler and a BSAR searcher.  The dogs were able to cover a lot of ground on search tasks.

BSAR thanks Parks Victoria for the use of their premises, the SES for excellent vehicle transfers, the Rapid Relief Team for great food and Victoria Police for their support and coordination.

The walk the bushwalkers attempted was to Mollison’s Galleries, an 18 km return walk (6 hours, grade: hard)

Last Updated on February 17, 2021