Search for missing person near Mt Disappointment


8:00 pm Mon 8 June. Call-out for BSAR members for a search near Mt Disappointment.

Tue 9 June

24 BSAR members searched all day and camped out overnight at search base near Mt Disappointment. The bush was think with regrowth from bushfires.

There were over 450 searchers from several different emergency services and numerous community volunteer searchers.

Wed 10 June

8:30 am.  26 additional BSAR members joined the search on day 2, searching areas to the south of Mount Disappointment in heavy bush.

11:25 am. A BSAR search team found the missing persons shoes. Additional search teams were redeployed to this location.

Missing persons shoes Mt Disappointment
Missing persons shoes Mt Disappointment

12:00. The missing person was located alive and well in the bush by a community volunteer searcher.  A Police SAR team assisted with transporting him back to search base.

6:00 pm.  All BSAR teams returned home.

BSAR contributed a total of 70 searcher days to this large scale search.

Last Updated on March 9, 2021