Resumed search at Dom Dom Saddle, 26-27 April 2008

BSAR was involved in the unsuccessful large-scale search for a missing bushwalker at Dom Dom Saddle in March 2008.

Police again requested BSAR’s assistance in a resumed search effort by the Police Search and Rescue Squad, Dog Squad and Marysville Police on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 April.

Further searching found no trace of the missing bushwalker.

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Mount Dom Dom search, 24-27 March 2008

A 57 year old bushwalker did not return from a morning bushwalk near Mt Dom Dom Saddle, north east of Healesville, on Sunday 23 March 2008.  He was experienced and well equipped, but his intentions were not known.

BSAR members joined the large-scale search the following morning. Over the following days, two additional BSAR call outs brought more members to the search. Continue reading “Mount Dom Dom search, 24-27 March 2008”

Sabine Falls Search, April 2007

On the afternoon of Tuesday April 3, 2007 a tourist became lost in the Sabine Falls area north of Apollo Bay.

The initial search effort by Police, SES and Parks was unsuccessful.

BSAR members joined the search on Thursday morning 5 April.

The missing man was found shortly after.

Missing woman at Mount William found, January 2005

A female bushwalker was reported missing Sunday 16 January 2005 near Mt William in the Grampians. She had separated from her companion to do a walk on the Major Mitchell Plateau and failed to meet up at the agreed rendezvous point.

She was last seen at a campsite on the headwaters of First Wannon Creek.

The Police, Parks and SES search on Sunday found no sign of the missing walker.

BSAR members joined the search on Monday 17 January. A BSAR search group found the missing woman on the First Wannon Creek and escorted her out to safety.