Search for 13 year old girl at Mt Erica resolved, August 2011

Call-outThe missing girl has been found alive. The second callout has been cancelled. Thanks to all who have been involved or who had volunteered for the second callout.

Merv Trease, Police Liaison

Bush Search and Rescue teams with Police Search and Rescue located the missing girl on Sunday afternoon north west of Mt Erica, about 3 kilometers from Mushroom Rocks, after tracking her footprints though the snow for some time.  She was immediately evacuated by the Police Air Wing helicopter and is now recovering from her ordeal.

Peter Campbell, Field Organiser.

BSAR 2011 Mt Erica search
Bush Search and Rescue searchers at dawn after night searching
BSAR 2011 Mt Erica search
SES provided us with great vehicle and field support
BSAR 2011 Mt Erica search
Search group briefing as search base in Rawson
BSAR 2011 Mt Erica search
Police Search and Rescue search coordinators
BSAR 2011 Mt Erica search
Search base at Rawson

Above photos: Peter Campbell

BSAR Searchers at Mt Erica. Credit: Graham Bolton
BSAR Searchers at Mt Erica. Credit: Graham Bolton


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BSAR 2011 Mt Erica search
Track log of BSAR search group that tracked the missing girls footprints to locate her


Sunday 7/8/11, 4.30 pm.  The second callout is proceeding with departure scheduled for early Monday morning. If you can attend please respond to the sms or email messages.

Sunday 7/8/11, 3.00 pm. The search is continuing. BSAR searchers were in the field from the time of their arrival last night until about 7.00 am this morning. They then returned to search headquarters for food and a few hours rest prior to continuing the search.

Police have advised that a second callout is possible later today, Sunday, for early am departure on Monday morning.

Sunday, 7/8/11, 12.30 am. Searchers arrived at Rawson and headed out at 01:30 to search around Mushroom Rocks and Mount Erica during the night.

Sat, 06/08/2011— PLO. Bush Search and Rescue Victoria has been called to assist the Police Search and Rescue Squad with the search for a missing 13 year old girl in the Mushroom Rocks area near Mt Erica in the Baw Baw National Park. The girl, from Morwell, was part of a Scout group camping in the area. She is believed to have wandered off on her own this morning. The inclement weather and the age of the missing person necessitated a degree of urgency in the search call out. The group of 12 Bush Search and Rescue searchers departed Northcote at 9.00 pm tonight. There is every likelihood that they will begin searching upon their arrival later tonight.

Merv Trease, PLO

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