Bush Search and Rescue searchers on general call-outs travel from the departure point to search base by Police bus. You will be advised by your Club Contact of the location of the departure point and the time of departure.

In some cases a second suburban departure point will be arranged by the PLO with Police during the initial phase of the call-out, and Club Contacts will be advised to offer two options to members. Inform your Club Contact which departure point you will use and stick to that option.

Country members and some suburban members remote from the departure point but en-route to the search area may make arrangements for pick up by the Police bus via their Club Contact. This will need to be approved by the PLO.

Plan to arrive at the departure point at least fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. This allows time for you to park your vehicle, check in with the FO and assist with loading the bus. It is not possible to wait for late members.

For local call-outs, transport is preferably provided by local Police or SES with 4WD vehicles to facilitate access to the search area.

Reimbursement for use of private vehicles is not generally available.

The use of private cars to the search area by BSAR members is strongly discouraged. BSAR has a long-standing policy that members use the Police bus transport to the search area. The reasons are:

  • Search groups are easily organised and briefed by the FO en-route
  • Search group members can organise themselves before reaching the search area
  • The destination may change while en-route to the search area
  • The search may be called off while members are en-route
  • Searchers can rest and sleep prior to searching
  • Fatigued searchers do not have to drive home at the end of a search
  • The bus provides a venue for post search dc-briefing during the journey home
  • Some search locations do not suit access by private vehicles.

To conclude, it is crucial that BSAR members operate as a coherent unit for the duration of a search, from departure to return. The use of private vehicles can significantly interfere with this process.

2003 Edition

Last Updated on February 17, 2021