Sound and Visual Signals

In the field the following signals will be made by any noise -making or visual medium available, eg. gelignite, shotgun, horns, sirens, whistles, torch etc.

  • Distress: Three calls together, regularly spaced.
  • Recall: Four calls close together, can be given any time but especially on the hour.

Group Leaders should leave notes in prominent positions, especially camp sites, creek junctions, drop-off points identifying the group and giving the date and time. This is useful when follow-up searchers are in the area.

When search aircraft are about and appear to have any doubt as to your identity, place your hands on your head. Do not wave or otherwise attempt to attract the attention of aircraft without good reason. Do not light smoky fires when aircraft are around.

An orange  smoke flare can be used to signal a ground location to a helicopter when it is in visual range.

2003 Edition

Last Updated on February 17, 2021