Probe search

This technique is suitable for use in areas along tracks and roads where there is very dense bush. The theory behind the technique is that if a searcher cannot penetrate the bush beyond a certain point then neither can a lost person hence the area beyond can assumed to be searched. It was found to be very effective in the dense bush at Tanjil Bren in the recent search for 29yo Ben McFarlane who was lost in the area.

The technique for probe searching is:

  1. a group of searchers is lined up along the side of a track or road
  2. each searcher attempts to line search into the bush until they are stopped by the bush Note that some searchers will penetrate further into the bush than others depending on the bush density
  3. each searcher returns to the track double checking for the lost person
  4. the search team moves further along the road or track and repeats the process Once completed it can then be reasonably assumed that the lost person cannot be in that section of bush. This technique allows elimination of large tracts of bush without the need to line search the entire area.

Probe searhing

Probe search

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