Group equipment

Shared within a search group, quantities may vary depending upon the number of people missing. The group leader should allocate who takes what item.

Each search group must be self-sufficient in the field, and each leader will check the equipment of their group before leaving search base to ensure the group is adequately equipped.

At search end, group equipment must be returned to its owner, Police or BSAR.

Group equipment

Tent (1)A style with two entrances is most suitable for casualty management.
Sleeping bag (1+)At least one.
Stove, fuel, billy & matches
Cutting implements (2)Ideally, one of each hype (folding pruning saw and machete).
Pack covers, vestsIssued by BSAR for identification at base and in the field.
UHF CB radio and radio harness Used for communication within and between BSAR groups.
Police radio with spare batterySupplied by Police with intructions on use. Used for communication with search base. To be returned to Police at the end of each day for recharging.
GPSConfirm grid datum in use before leaving base. BSAR GPS units may be issued.
Bothy shelterUseful for patient management in extreme weather conditions. BSAR units may be issued.

Last Updated on February 17, 2021