Food for Three Days

You will need to bring lightweight food for three days on every search call-out. This is in addition to any food you may bring for the journey to the search area.

We are expected to be fully self-contained in both food and shelter and our search assignments will be determined on this basis. Your food needs to carry well and to be easily prepared in difficult conditions. The food brought for a search in hot conditions, when total fire bans are possible, will need to include items that do not require cooking.

The Police field catering unit and other service organisations sometimes provide meals when searchers are at the base area. This is a most welcome bonus for us, but in no way replaces the requirement that each member must bring food for three days to every search.

An example of a good food list for a search call-out is shown below as a guide only. Experienced bushwalkers will have their own preferences.

Note that the major items are relatively cheap and can be kept aside at home specifically packed for a search. The fresh items listed are likely to be on hand or easily obtained at the last minute.

Food for three days

ItemQuantity for 3 days
Muesli, rolled oats, cereal150gm
Dry biscufts, flat bread or rye bread, (or sandwiches)300gm
Spreads, vegernite, honey, peanut buffer, etc.150gm
Soup, single serve packets12 packets
Pasta, instant noode or rice packet meals3 by 120gm packets
Dried fruit150gm
Energy bars6 bars
Sweets or scroggin, etc.100gm
Tea or coffee40gm
Powdered milk150gm
Powdered fruit or sports drink3 packets
SaltSmall container
Water. Fill bottles at home2 litres, more if hot

Last Updated on February 17, 2021