Field Organisers

When called by Police, the PLO telephones the FOs in list order until contact is made with an FO who is available to attend the search. That person becomes the FO for the search and as such is responsible for the management of BSAR’s contribution, under the direction of the Police. The FO directs BSAR searchers throughout the search.

Qualifications and Appointment

FOs are appointed and reviewed annually by the BSAR Committee. People considered for appointment are expected to:

  1. Continue to satisfy the Entry Standard Guide-lines for Membership.
  2. Have about ten years experience in BSAR, including several as an active Group Leadet
  3. Have been a Club Delegate to the BSAR Committee or have attended six committee meetings as an observer, acquiring a detailed understanding of the operation of the organisation including participation in debriefings after searches and practices.
  4. Have acted as FO or Assistant FO on a search practice.
  5. Have shown a high level of leadership, initiative and organisational and management skills.
  6. Have shown ability to interact well with other groups involved with search operations.
  7. Once appointed, FOs become officers of the BSAR Committee. They are expected to be actively involved in the affairs of that Committee, including the organisation and conduct of search practices.

Further details about the duties of an FO are documented in “Field Organiser and Police liaison Officer Notes and Checklist”.

Updated 16 Feb 2011

Last Updated on February 17, 2021