Day searching equipment

Many searches involve day searching, the items listed for day use should be packed into the day pack or set aside while packing at home, to be ready for a quick departure on arrival at search base.

When going out on a day search (planning to be back at base that night), take the items listed in the table.  Items mandatory unless stated otherwise.

Large day pack (30-40 litres) or weekend size packA normal weekend size pack is recommended. Items not taken into the field can be stored at base in the storage bag.
Weatherproof clothingGoreTex® or equivalent material hooded jacket and over-trousers.
First aid kit & medicationRefer to First Aid
Sunscreen, safety glasses, hat
Fire lighting items
Toilet paper, one rollFor marking a search boundary
Large plastic bags
Food, scrogginFor personal needs. Include more than normal to cater for the casualty and in case of an unplanned overnight out. For example, extra noodles, packet soups. fruit etc.
WaterTwo litres. Fill up before leaving home.
Notepad & penInside a plastic bag
Torch, spare battery
Warm clothesBe prepared for an unplanned night out. Take extra for the rescued person.
Compass and whistle
MapA photocopy of the search area will usually be issued at base. Personal maps of the area brought from home, if available, should also be taken.
Scrub gloves
Sleeping mat, closed cell foamFor casualty management and personal use
Long pantsShorts are NOT suitable for searching
Eating utensilsOptional. For feeding the rescued person and personal use, particularly if having to bivvy out and eat emergency rations.
Day searching equipment

BSAR vests and radios are issued to members on arrival at search base.

Last Updated on February 17, 2021