Prior to the commencement of each day’s searching, a briefing will be held and each group allocated a search area. The whole group will probably be briefed in a general way by the FO. Then each group will be briefed by its leader on such matters as general arrangements (if this has not already been done), basic radio arrangements, call sign, transport, re-grouping (if the group is split), the type of search technique to be used, collaboration with adjacent groups and arrangements for excess equipment left at search base.

In addition, the radio operator of each team will be:

  • issued with a radio and spare battery
  • allocated a call sign
  • allocated the channel to be used
  • instructed on the scheduled reporting times (often half hourly or hourly)
  • informed of the call sign of the base station and any other control stations that may be used as an alternative base for relaying messages
  • be familiar with the geographically adjacent groups’ call signs

Ask any questions prior to leaving the briefing – not over the radio later.

Police briefing for all searchers, Tawonga Gap 2001
Police briefing for all searchers, Tawonga Gap 2001

Last Updated on February 17, 2021