Lake Mountain Search, August 2002

Call-outDate: Sunday 4 August to Wednesday 7 August 2002

On Sunday 4 August two visitors at Lake Mountain went for a short walk east from the Toboggan Run 2, near Gerratys Car Park at Lake Mountain.  They were separated and when one did not return he was reported missing at 4.30pm.

Bushwalkers Search and Rescue was called at midnight.  Seventeen members responded to the first callout, and arrived at Lake Mountain at 10am Monday 5 August.

A second callout of BSAR that evening provided a further 20 searchers for Tuesday.

A third callout of BSAR members was conducted Tuesday evening as hope faded for the missing man.

The body of the missing man was located on Wednesday, which was a very sad end to a major search.

Bushwalkers Search and Rescue provided the bulk of the ground searchers, 47 members over the three days.

At the debrief and in correspondence from the Lake Mountain Resort and Marysville Police, Bushwalkers Search and Rescue members have been thanked in glowing terms for our contribution to the search effort.


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