Interested in increasing your radio knowledge? Become a radio amateur

Amateur Radio Victoria, via Robert Bloomfield (a WIA trainer/assessor) at the Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club Inc, is offering Bush Search and Rescue members free training to become a Foundation class Radio Amateur.

This would significantly increase your radio skills and allow access to the wide world of amateur radio.  Efficient use of radios is an important part of searching.


Becoming an amateur is not particularly difficult. The Foundation training course consists of some technical aspects (not too complex), operational procedures and an understanding of the ACMA regulations.

There is a weekend training course (the training is offered free to us) and a straight-forward test at the end. Pay you licence fees and a few weeks later you have your licence and can acquire some suitable radio equipment (hand held radios are not expensive). You could either join an existing scheduled training course or if there is enough interest there could be a specific course for BSAR.

From a Bush Seach and Rescue perspective it is good to have members with enhanced radio skills.

A number of our members have recently gained their “F” or other callsigns. For more information about Amateur Radio talk to David Mitchell VK3FMDV, Duncan Maughan VK3XBC, John Sunderland VK3JSN, RIk Head VK3KAN, Wayne Merry VK3FOAB, Frank Zgoznik VK3HFZ, Doug Westerman VK3DUG or you can contact Robert Bloomfield directly at



Last Updated on February 17, 2021