Frank Zgoznik

Frank joined BSAR via MUMC while studying in 1987.   Frank became a Field Organiser in 1999.

One of his most challenging searches as a Field Organiser was for a missing paraglider around Tawonga Gap in 2001.  Frank and his assisting Field Organisers on the search (Monica Chapman, Rik Head and Bruce Vine) were responsible for coordinating 63 Bush Search and Rescue searchers over three days. Frank also coordinated over 100 Australian Army soldiers who participated in the search.

Frank has developed and delivered radio and GPS training for Bush Search and Rescue over several years.

Frank became Convenor in April 2009 and oversase the commencement of a strategic planning process in addition to attending to the ongoing duties of the Convener.

Frank stepped down as Convenor in December 2010, but is still active as a Field Organiser, searcher and committee member.  Frank’s significant and past and ongoing commitment and contributions to Bush Search and Rescue are greatly appreciated.

Source: Behind The Log, May 2011


Last Updated on February 17, 2021