Cambarville search, March 2003

Call-outDate: Monday 17 & Tuesday 18 March 2003.

Local Police and SES conducted a search for missing man near Woods Point Road, Cambarville on Sunday 16 March without success.  The Police Search and Rescue Squad joined the search that evening and called in Bush Search and RescueAR.  Thirty three BSAR members arrived  at Cambarville by 8.00am Monday 17 March.

The search was conducted in along main streams, side gullies and spurs of Armstrong Creek and the Arnold Creek watershed to the northeast of Cambarville.

The weather was mild to warm, with a total fine ban on the Tuesday.

This search showed up some limitations of the etrex GPS units.  They were very slow to pick up a signal in deep gullies with sub-alpine mature forest, so their capacity to track each search group’s progress was poor.  However the GPS remains a very useful search tool, particularly if a group has a significant find, which would obviously involve stopping to get a careful reading.

Leeches were a problem. All searchers were bitten, some badly.  Many also had scrub abrasions.

The search finished on Wednesday 19 March without the missing person being found.

Duncan Brookes, Field Organiser

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