Club Delegates

Experience over many years has shown that those clubs who have made significant contributions to search and rescue are those with an effective Club Delegate. The Club Delegate has a key role to play in ensuring the continued effective operation of the Bush Search and Rescue Committee.

Each member club of Bushwalking Victoria is entitled to appoint one Club Delegate to the BSAR Committee. The Club Delegate should be a person with appropriate experience and interest in search and rescue and the ability to manage the search and rescue contribution of that club.

The Club Delegate’s role is divided into two following areas.

Participation with the BSAR Committee

  • Club Delegates from Melbourne-based clubs are expected to attend the meetings of the committee.
  • Club Delegates from country clubs are always welcome to attend meetings or can also participate in committee meetings via our teleconference line.

Managing the search and rescue group within their club

The Club Delegate is expected to maintain and develop the search and rescue group within their club to:

  • Ensure that the members are kept informed of developments and changes in the procedures and practices of BSAR
  • Organise the attendance of suitably experienced and interested members at the practice days or weekends
  • Encourage suitably experienced club members to apply to join BSAR after approval by their club committee, and completion of the Membership Application Form
  • Annually provide to the BSAR Membership Secretary accurate and confirmed lists of members for call-outs
  • Designate members with appropriate experience and expertise as Group Leaders
  • Ensure that members listed for call-out continue to meet the requirements for membership and delete from the lists those who cease to do so
  • Discuss each call-out with club searchers to ensure all went well, and identify and resolve any problems
  • Highlight the participation of the Club in a search through the Club newsletter and meetings

Club committees

Club committees play an important role in encouraging and supporting their club members’ involvement in Bush Search and Rescue. They confirm that applicants meet the entry requirements and approve applications. Club Committees can appoint a Club Delegate to manage the Club’s BSAR members and give the club a voice in the running of BSAR.