Search at Mount Feathertop on Monday 31 August 2009

Sunday 30 Aug. BSAR members were called to assist in a search for a man missing on Mount Feathertop. He had walked up to Federation Hut to stay the night the previous afternoon. The mountain was snow covered, conditions were icy and visibility was poor.

Initially, a strong contingent of BSAR members from the north east assisted Police Search and Rescue with the search. They were joined by members from Melbourne on Monday morning, 31 August.

Monday 31 Aug. Search teams reached their designated search locations camped for the night, ready to commence searching at first light on Tuesday.  It was snowing and quite cold.

Tuesday 1 Sept.  The search concluded successfully when a news helicopter located the man on the mountain on Tuesday morning.

The Police helicopter winched him out and flew him to search base at Bright, then to hospital. He recovered well after his ordeal.

The man was a senior State Government Minister. The search received a great deal of media interest and publicity.

Mount Feathertop and the Razorback Spur. Photo: Peter Campbell
Mount Feathertop and the Razorback Spur.


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