Search at Gormandale – Missing boy found, May 2009

Call-out31 May 2009

BSAR attended the search for  a young boy at Gormandale on the weekend. Gormandale is south of Traralgon. The 3 year old went missing late on Saturday afternoon. Overnight, the Police, SES and CFA volunteers searched for the boy.

BSAR was activated late on Saturday night and 19 members attended the search. The BSAR Team left at 4:30am on Sunday morning from Glen Waverley Police Academy. Upon arrival two our teams of line searchers were requested to conduct searches in an area close to where footprints matching the boy’s boots had been located. Within 10 minutes of the searchers being deployed, a local man sighted the boy standing in bushland, not far from the road, at a location within a few hundred metres from the search base.

The boy was brought to search base and made warm within a police vehicle and special re-warming bag. Two BSAR members, a doctor and nurse, attended to the youngster and checked his state of health. He was determined to be very cold and had been shivering through the night. However, in the re-warming bag he quickly warmed up and responded well to a warm milk drink, sandwiches and a chocolate bar. His father arrived at the scene and soon after, and the young lad was transported to Traralgon hospital for further checks.

The BSAR search groups quickly returned to base. After breakfast provided by the Red Cross, the team returned to Melbourne by lunchtime. A successful search and a good outcome for the young boy.

2009 BSAR Gormandale search

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