Search at Gormandale – Missing boy found, May 2009

Sat 31 May 2009. BSAR members assisted the search for  a young boy near Gormandale, south of Traralgon. He went missing late on Saturday afternoon.

BSAR members left early Sunday morning. Shortly after they arrived a local man sighted the boy standing in bushland, not far from the search base.

The boy was brought to search base and made warm within a police vehicle and special re-warming bag. Two BSAR members, a doctor and nurse, attended to the youngster and checked his condition. He was very cold and was shivering. However, in the re-warming bag he quickly warmed up and responded well to a warm milk drink, sandwiches and a chocolate bar. His father arrived and soon after the young lad was transported to Traralgon Hospital.

A successful search and a good outcome for the young boy.

2009 BSAR Gormandale search

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