Missing woman at Mount William found, January 2005

A female bushwalker with overnight gear was reported missing Sunday 16 January 2005 near Mt William in the Grampians. She had separated from her companion to do a “short walk” on the Major Mitchell Plateau and failed to meet up at the agreed rendezvous point.  

She was last seen at a bush camp on the headwaters of First Wannon Creek. This is on the Major Mitchell Plateau where the waking track crosses the creek. The walking track goes south from Mt William, crosses the Major Mitchell Plateau on he high ground then curves southwest to the Halls Gap Dunkeld road.

The area has steep cliffs to the east. The western side is less steep but still a significant descent over 6 km to the Halls Gap-Dunkeld road. It has considerable scrub and rocky outcrops.

Police and groups searched 4WD and some walking tracks on Sunday finding no clues.

BSAR teams commenced cross-country foot searching on Monday 17 January and searched the western flank of the Major Mitchell Plateau.

SES groups continued to search along walking and 4WD tracks in the area. The Police helicopter searched the general area to no avail. 
A BSAR search group found the missing person in the lower part of First Wannon Creek and escorted them out to safety.

Last Updated on February 17, 2021