This page contains links to documents for BSAR members.

Member Claims

Search Assembly Locations

Bush Search and Rescue Manual

General Information

  • Club Contact Duties [doc] updated Dec 2009
  • Information for Employers [pdf] updated Mar 2011
  • Peer Support Brochure [pdf] updated Apr 2013 
  • Rapid Response Guidelines [doc] updated Dec 2009
  • BSAR Code of Conduct [pdf] updated Aug 2014

Field Organiser and Police Liaison Officer Appointments

  • Field Organiser Appointment and Selection Process [doc] updated Dec 2009
  • Police Liaison Officer Appointment and Selection Process [doc]  updated Dec 2009

Certificates of Appreciation

  • Member Certificate of Appreciation Process and Criteria [pdf]
  • Member Certificate of Appreciation Nomination Form [pdf]
  • Employer Appreciation Certificate Process [pdf]