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About Bush Search and Rescue Victoria

Bush Search and Rescue Victoria (BSAR) is a dedicated volunteer search and rescue group active in the state of Victoria, Australia and is a division of Bushwalking Victoria.

Bush Search and Rescue Victoria assists Police Search and Rescue with searches for people lost or overdue off track in bush and alpine regions of Victoria.

Bush Search and Rescue volunteers are experienced bushwalkers and cross country skiers who have also had specialist search and rescue training. Over 250 trained members are available for call out. For any one search, a typical BSAR team consists of 15 to 40 members.  BSAR searchers are able to spend several days at a time in the field if required.

BSAR operates under the State Emergency Management Act 1986 and is registered as an Emergency Service in the Emergency Management Manual Victoria

BSAR participates in the field with its own leadership under the command of the Victoria Police and has been assisting Victoria Police as far back as 1949, before Victoria Police formed its search and rescue squad. Bush Search and Rescue has searched for approximately 150 lost Victorians in over 100 searches over 60 years.

A strong bond exists between Bush Search and Rescue and the Police Search and Rescue Squad. At Bush Search and Rescue’s 40th anniversary in 1989, the Victoria Police presented Bush Search and Rescue with a Chief Commissioner’s Certificate for “outstanding service to the community and significant assistance to the Victoria Police force in the area of search and rescue over a period of forty years.” This honour is rarely bestowed on individuals or organisations outside the Victoria Police.

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