Entry Requirements

Applicants are expected to meet the following entry requirements.


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.


A minimum of 16 full days of bushwalking, including one or more continuous periods of at least four days plus four weekends. One of the overnight walks must have been in adverse conditions and another in snow.


Applicants must be competent in off-track navigation, be able to give and interpret grid references, be conversant with orienting a map/ oneself using a compass and relate map to terrain. Applicants must be capable of being independent in the bush.


BSAR members are expected to cook and provide their own nutritious meals using light weight rations similar to those listed in Chapter 7.


Applicants must have a complete range of equipment in good condition. This includes skiers having suitable skis and ice climbers having a full alpine kit. Refer to Chapter 7 for more detail.


Applicants must be capable of prolonged heavy scrub-bashing on steep slopes. Club committees are reminded that searching imposes greater mental and physical demands than normal bushwalking or skitouring and recommendations for BSAR membership should be made with this in mind.


It is necessary that applicants have suitable arrangements with their employers for leave during searches.

2003 Edition