Desirable Skills

Other skills are recognised with BSAR, but are not mandatory for entry. These skills are listed on the Application for Membership Form and upon applying you should identify the level of skill you have attained in each of the following additional areas. 

Skiing Experience

Applicants of suitable ability are classed as intermediate or advanced skiers. Beginner skiers and people who have not skied with a pack are excluded from this category.


Intermediate skier Advanced skier
  • overnight snow camping experience
  • ski touring with overnight pack
  • can perform linked turns on intermediate angles 
  • can ski gradient up to 15 degrees; e.g. resort "Blue" run
  • can ski steep tree-covered snow terraingradient up to 15 degrees; e.g. resort "Blue" run

In addition to all skills for Intermediate skier:

  • can perform linked turns on slope angles up 35 degrees; e.g.. Resort "Black" run
  • have cross country downhill (XCD) ski equipment - skis, bindings & boots



Ice Climbing Experience

  • New Zealand technical mountaineering course or equivalent
  • Competent with ice axe & crampons

Leadership Experience

  • Qualified - BMLC/STLC graduate/staff member or equivalent
  • Club Leader - Club Leader of your bushwalking club

First Aid Experience

  • Medical practitioner
  • Wilderness First Aid or ASPA
  • First Aid Medallion
  • Current First Aid Advanced Certificate
  • Current First Aid Basic Certificate
  • Expired First Aid qualification