Search equipment

The following articles about items of equipment, have been prepared at different times for various purposes. Some describe items provided by BSAR, others describe personal equipment. For the definitive instruction on the items of equipment that members are expected to bring into the field, see Manual, Chapter 7, Equipment and Food.

BSAR hi-vis clothing

Safety clothing is issued to members (subject to availabilty), including:

Other equipment

  • Mobile phones can be useful for backup communications in remote areas
  • SPOT tracking devices are issued by Police to BSAR search teams to record track logs and location information during a search.  They can also be used to send an emergency message via a satellite network.  
  • Batteries - performance tests of various battery types in cold conditions.
  • Battery packs can provide a backup power source for mobile phones
  • Bothy shelters are very simple rectangular tents with no poles or floor.
  • GPS units are used as navigation aids in the field.
  • Heavy duty pants are good to have when searching in the bush.
  • Packs suitable for searches
  • Setopress bandages can be used to treat snakebite and sprains
  • Torches are essential equipment.
  • UHF CB Radios are used for field communications in addition to radios provided the the Police. 
  • Whistles are essential for searchers to carry


Alpine equipment

Avalanche transciever

The following equipment is used for specialist rescues in alpine terrain.


Personal equipment

The following equipment is not required for searches but could be useful for personal and club trips.